Protect Your Crops and Livestock

Protect Your Crops and Livestock

With agricultural fencing solutions & wire fence installation in Osteen, FL & DeLand, FL

Whether you need to keep livestock in or scavengers out, we've got the solution for you. American Fencing, LLC is well-known in the Osteen & DeLand, FL area for building sturdy agricultural fencing. Our no-nonsense barbed wire is strong and effective in a wide range of settings.

If you're looking for a high-performance, low-maintenance agricultural fencing option, contact us today.

What to look for in farm fencing

One of the best forms of agricultural fencing is barbed wire. A barbed wire fence will...

  • Protect your livestock: The razor-sharp barbs keep predatory animals away from your livestock.
  • Fit your property: Wire fencing is extremely versatile, meaning we can fit it to any size lot.
  • Last for years: Galvanized barbed wire won't rust or deteriorate like other materials.

Do you want to install a barbed wire fence in Osteen, Florida or the surrounding area? Ask American Fencing for an installation estimate by calling 386-576-7394 right now.